[PC]Pidunk Marsart

A kobold blessed with draconic talent, considering the benefeits of chromatic or metallic affiliations.


Dragonfire Adept- Level 6. Alignment: Neutral. Deity: Tiamat/Bahamut.
Small size. 10 years old. Female. 2’9". 41 lbs. Pale blue eyes, purply-red scales.

STR: 6 (-2) DEX: 16 (3) CON: 16 (3) INT: 13 (1) WIS: 11(-0) CHA: 16 (3)

Max Hp: 58 Speed: 30ft AC: 22 (+5 Armor, +1 Shield, +3 Dex Modifier, +1 Size Modifier, +2 Natural Armor) Touch: 14 Flat-Footed: 19 Initiative: +3 DR: 2/Magic

Fort: 9 (5+3+1) Ref: 6 (2+3+1) Will: 6 (5+0+1)

BAB: +3 Grapple: -3 (3-2-4)

Attack: Masterwork Light Crossbow, 8 ranged 1d6(1)* 19-20/x2, Range 80ft. Piercing. *+1 Is with an energy crystal attached, and is of the energy type.

Skills(Ranks): Bluff12(9), Craft(Trapmaking)3(0), Decipher Script6(5), Diplomacy7(0), Heal2(0), Hide7(0), Intimidate5(0), Knowledge(Arcana)2(1), Knowledge(Religion)2(1), Listen4(3), Profession(Miner)3(1), Search4(0), Spot4(3), Use Magic Device12(9)

Equipment: Crossbow(Above), +1 Mythral Chain Shirt, Masterwork light steel shield, Crystal of energy assault(Least) +1 Fire damage, Crystal of energy assault(Least) +1 Electricity damage, Dragon Spirit Cincture, Vest of Resistance +1, Healing Belt, Spellsink Scarab, Barbs of Retribution

Feats: Dragontouched, Ability Focus(Breath Weapon), Clinging Breath, Exhaled Barrier

Special Abilities: Darkvision, Light Sensitivity, Draconic Rite of Passage(Slide 1/day) Breath Weapon (4d6, DC19), Lighting Breath, Scales +2, Dragonkin, Shaped Breath, DR2/Magic, Aquatic Adeptation(Least Invocation), Magic Insight(Least Invocation), Humanoid Shape(Lesser Invocation)

Languages: Draconic, Goblin, Common(b), Aquan(s)

15000 Exp


To be continued

[PC]Pidunk Marsart

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